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Pizza Pops

Category: Just for Kids


1 cup shreded mozzerella/cheddar cheese
1 can(10 oz) pizza dough
8 tbsp spaghetti sauce
8-12 slices or ham, pepperoni, or salami
Pineapple chunks (optional)


1)Cut meat into small pieces and shred cheese with a cheese grater.2)Divide the pizza dough into four squares3)Spread 2 tablespoons of sause on one side of one dough squareadd 1/4 of the meat and some pineapple (if desired)4)Make sure you have a 1/2 inch border.repeat with other squares.5)Fold each square into a rectangle and press the edges on a greased cookie sheet.6)Cool slightly before eating.Makes 4 pizza pops.

Temperature: 425°

Baking Time: 8-10 minutes.

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