Spicy Beef Soup


10 oz of striped Beef
3 oz of Kosari (dried fern)
3 oz of bean sprout,
4 green onions
2 Tbs of ground red pepper
1 Tbs of chopped garlic
2 tsp of sesame seed oil, salt


Boil dried Kosari for thirty minutes until tender. While doing so, cut the beef into 1 inch thick stripes. Season beef with ground red pepper, chopped garlic, and sesame seed oil. Clean bean sprouts. Cut green onion into similar length strips. Pour ten cups of water in a big pot, and boil the meat for about thirty minutes to make beef base. (If you have beef base or beef stock in a can, use them. You can shorten time by doing so.) If kosari has been cooked for thirty minutes, turn off the heat, take kosari out, and wash with cold water. Cut out about one third of the stem, not the head part! They are too tough to eat. Put them back into the pot, and leave them in water until beef is done. After thirty minutes have passed for boiling beef, put boiled kosari (only, not with kosari boiled water) into the beef boiling pot. Boil for about ten more minutes, and put cleaned bean sprouts and green onion. Boil with lid on for thirty more minutes (if you have time, an hour) on a medium heat.

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